Interfaith Enlightenment Center was founded in 2012 as a benevolent religious organization to benefit society.  Because Interfaith means multiple faiths that interact with each other, Interfaith Enlightenment Center is open and welcoming to members of all faiths and religions provided the common understanding is for the benefit of humanity.


Interfaith Enlightenment Center is involved in socially engaged outreach programs.   Some of the field work being done by members of IEC (Interfaith Enlightenment Center) will include bearing witness retreats, working with “untouchable” societies, retreats and field work in places where human rights issues continue to need attention, as well as social outreach programs dealing with hunger.  The main focus on bearing witness as well as other aspects of this program is determining ways in which to create an environment where all parties, including both the recipients and the givers are maintaining an environment of human dignity throughout the process.   Sometimes the challenges behind giving often cause a sense of superiority for the giver and inferiority for the recipient, and programs through IEC work to establish an environment of equanimity among the participants.


Interfaith Enlightenment Center  does maintain regular practices of meditation, contemplation and practice.   Group gatherings often are for the sole purpose of interfaith exploration and dialogue along with sharing of religious practice information.  The goal of having interfaith dialogues is to find the common ground between the different schools of thought to allow understanding of each other in a peaceful and meaningful way to each other.   Often the causes of suffering between faiths and religions is based on fear based ignorance of each other.  The goal of IEC is to establish common human values and understanding between various faiths and schools of thought.  The fact that we are all human beings allows us a starting place in all discussions.


Interfaith Enlightenment Center also is involved in researching and discovering new ways at dealing with common issues surrounding hunger.   The IEC is involved in sustainable and renewable methods of producing healthy food production, preparation, and storage methods.  Part of the practices at IEC are to establish mindful practices when dealing with food and hunger issues.  Some of the activities while working in the field or even locally involve farm assistance and sharing knowledge in clean energy, sustainable farming, water treatment, health, nutrition and diet practices.


Interfaith Enlightenment Center’s mission is to benefit humanity in general.   There are various issues in the world that are a cause to suffering.   The fact that we all suffer from time to time gives us all a common place inside of the heart from where we can begin to establish compassion for the suffering of others.   This is the guide we must establish in our hearts to help us take action.


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