We are a non-profit organization whose mission is the benefit of all sentient beings, no matter which faith or religion. A way for interacting with other walks of life and trains of thought in a constructive and non-violent way to help gain understanding of the inter-connectedness of each other, working on humanity one person at a time.


Proceeds of donations go toward a number of socially engaged field outreach programs. Some of the members of IEC will travel worldwide to engage in social causes and issues ranging from genocide survivors, to the Dalit (human untouchables), homeless and hunger issues. Some of the partners we help to fund include Zen Peacemakers http://zenpeacemakers.org/, Yokoji Monastery (zmc.org), Ahimsa Trust Foundation (http://www.ahimsatrust.org/) and many more.


All donations are tax deductible.


The Center is located in Westport Washington, minutes from the ocean and has retreats and meditation training multiple times during the year. The center also teaches sustainable farming and food preparation. You can find out more about The Center on our Facebook page.  The schedule of classes and events is listed on the Events section of our Facebook  page.


The goal of 2016 is to install a windmill energy generator and help convert the existing power infrastructure to a semi off-grid sustainable green energy solution. This solution will help to power the Aquaponic Greenhouse project that's part of the list of projects ongoing at IEC.


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